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Help and FAQs

Healthcare benefits can be complicated, and sometimes you just need to get help or ask a question. Scan through our available help topics below to see if we've already answered your question, or feel free to contact us here.

What is MRx Empower with GoodRx?

MRx Empower with GoodRx is your prescription drug decision support tool. Our website offers countless benefits: you can easily find co-pays, discover ways to save on your prescriptions, research drugs and alternatives, and more. Here are just a few features:

  • 1) Know the cost of your drugs BEFORE you visit the pharmacy.

    On our website, you can instantly look up your co-pay for a prescription. If you’re at the doctor’s office or want to compare other options for treatment, simply type in the name of a drug and we’ll tell you what it costs at pharmacies near you.

  • 2) Switch pharmacies to save.

    Drug prices are different at different pharmacies. When you look up a drug on our website, we’ll show you which pharmacies offer the best prices, and then explain how to transfer your prescription.

  • 3) Find the lowest price.

    Your insurance provides great prices, but sometimes you can save even more money. We’ll give you savings tips and point you to pharmacies that have low prices.

  • 4) A better healthcare experience.

    Health care can be confusing. That’s why we’ve designed a site for you to search your prescription history, look up drug prices, learn about side effects, explore pill images, and find pharmacy information, hours and services.

Why are prices different at different pharmacies?

Some people don’t realize pharmacy prices vary. Many benefits providers set the same co-pay for you, no matter where you go. But the reality is that pharmacy prices can vary greatly, and if you know which pharmacies to visit, you might save money on your prescriptions. We put the power into your hands so you can maximize your savings. Plus, we make it easy to transfer your prescriptions to other pharmacies!

The price you displayed is wrong.

We try to make our price estimates as accurate as possible. However, the results are based on your benefit plan and pharmacy information at the time of the search. Pricing and availability may change. We’d be happy to look into any issues you may experience when picking up your prescriptions. Keep in mind that drug prices change, and it’s worth checking back from time to time to see if there’s a better price at a different pharmacy. Also, keep in mind some medications require a prior authorization before they can be filled.

My claim hasn’t shown up.

Claims can take up to 72 hours to appear in our system. If you have questions about a prescription you don’t see, please call (800) 424-0472.

How does a prescription transfer work?

Transferring a prescription to another pharmacy may save you money.

Most prescriptions that can be refilled may be transferred to a new pharmacy. When reviewing your prescriptions, select the drugs you want to transfer and choose your new pharmacy. We’ll fax your request and insurance information to your new pharmacy so they can prepare your prescription. They should follow up with you, but we’ll provide you with their information as well so you can contact them if needed.

Please note that controlled substances such as Adderall cannot be transferred.

How can I see my spouse / child’s / domestic partner’s information?

Your employer provides us with information about who is eligible for coverage. Claims information for dependents (children) under age 18 should automatically appear in your account when you log in. Spouses, domestic partners and children age 18 and over will need to create their own account. You can request access to their claims information by clicking “Settings” at the top of any page. When they log in, they will be prompted to accept your request.

My address / contact information is wrong.

Please contact your company’s benefits administrator to correct any information.

I need a new benefit card!

We’re happy to send you one. Request a new one here.

You haven’t answered my question!

Please call us toll-free at (800) 424-0472 and we’ll do our best to help!